History has its eyes on you.

"History is happening in Manhattan." -Hamilton: An American Musical

 Drama is happening in Los Angeles. I'd like to debunk the rumor that there's no good theatre in LA. There's bad theatre everywhere (yes, even in New York). But great artists can be found everywhere and everywhere.  You just need to know where to look. Or where not to.

I can help with that because I'm going to do the legwork for you. I'm a theatre advisor. How did that happen? I would say by accident, but anyone that knows me personally can tell you that I am addicted to theatre. After moving from LA to Chicago at a young age, my father made a regular practice of bringing me to any shows he found especially noteworthy in his ritual morning reading of The Chicago Tribune. Many performances later, I moved to New York for college where I saw hundreds more. Eventually I was drawn back to my roots in LA where I would eventually start my own small theatre company and continue to see as much local theatre as I could, in an effort to support other companies and better the art and success of my own.

I work for a large theatre organization in LA as well as running my own smaller company. Because of my job, I have the privilege of seeing all kinds of high-budget productions and national tours, but I also make a point to see work done by newer or smaller companies, because as I alluded to earlier, some of the most influential pieces of art don't happen in plush seat auditoriums. They might be in apartments, storefronts, parks or 49 seat black boxes. Theatre can happen anywhere and everywhere. And I want to see it all.

Friends and colleagues in the theatre are constantly approaching me about what shows I've seen and what plays I've read recently.

  1. Have you read the new Patrick Marber adaptation of Hedda Gabler?

  2. I'm looking for a contemporary dramatic monologue that's not overdone.

  3. What's a good audition piece for the character Diana in Next to Normal?

  4. I'm looking for a contemporary comedic scene between two women for scene study.

These are the types of questions and requests I receive daily. When I'm not seeing a play on stage, I'm probably reading one that's in my purse, the back seat of my car, my desk or my literal back pocket. I also would like to use this site as a resource of mini script reports of plays I have recently read and the type of content they contain. Hopefully this archived information will prove useful to actors, students and theatre-goers alike.

Above all else, I'm simply excited to share my LA Theatre going experience. Because I am a theatre nerd, and I want nothing more to see this community grow and prosper. We are the champions of the American theatre. See you at curtain.